Pecan and raspberry Rocky Road – Low Fodmap

Rocky road is so easy to make and a great looking snack, but not for regular consumption as it is very calorific! This version is not too sweet as dark chocolate is used and the recipe is low fodmap.  I like to view this as ’emergency rations’ – what do I mean? Well, when out hiking, and particularly if the hiking is up mountains, you need to take something with you to eat if you get stuck in bad weather. This was training we received when preparing for Duke of Edinburgh’s expeditions. The food needed to be calorific and I can think of no better snack than rocky road – although we often used dark chocolate coated Kendal Mint Cake when I was younger. Now, whilst hiking I have never actually had the need to call for mountain rescue services or had to make a shelter to protect me from very severe weather. These days preparation is usually about checking the weather forecast prior to venturing out and modern forecasts are considerably more reliable than in the past – but the advice is still pertinent according to the link above. A small slice of this chocolate heaven is a very nice treat when you finish your hike though! A low fodmap diet can help with diarrhoea and IBS enabling people to be more adventurous and active so if you want to try see a registered dietitian to help you through it!


200g of dark chocolate (I used 70%)

a handful of raisins

70g of pecan nuts

2 tablespoons of light margarine

1 packet of raspberry marshmallow* (check for fructose based sugars)

5 gluten free digestive biscuits


Chop the pecan nuts at right angles to their length (this makes them look pretty when the rocky road is sliced.) Cut the marshmallow pieces into four or eight depending on your preference, and break up the digestive biscuits into small pieces. Melt the chocolate in a bowl placed over hot water (take care not to allow any water into the bowl as this will set the chocolate solid.) When melted add the margarine and other ingredients and mix well. Stir to cool the mix a little then pour into a cling film or grease lined tray and refrigerate. Cut into 15 small slices.

If you want a sweeter version add 3 tablespoons of golden syrup.

Some people with IBS have an exaggerated gastro-colic reflex, too much chocolate can result in immediate diarrhoea, so remember portion size is important – don’t eat too much at once.

* I used Art of Mallow marshmallows purchased specifically for the recipe.