Reflection on a year of blogging.

IMG_1650I have just had my anniversary of my blog, I started the site a year ago and did wonder how it would go, but I have been really hooked on writing and cooking recipes. Watching my stats I am also surprised at the breadth of countries who are interested in looking at my site, plus an interest in which countries have not viewed my site yet – so, come on guys I want to complete the full globe this year, as sure as anything you can bet that someone has some digestive complaint that would benefit.

I have experienced writers block for the last month and a paucity of recipes too. I am hoping that IBS Awareness Month spurs me on with writing more and I would also appreciate some ideas about what people would like to read on digestive disorders. The plans for the next twelve months include more book reviews and recipes, I hope to expand the blog to a website – and perhaps most exciting of all I hope to be running a clinic for patients who have intolerances, allergy and low FODMAP dietary requirements very soon, email me if you are interested.

I have attended The IBS Networks AGM today, my third one and the future in IBS is looking really positive, new ideas, treatments (including the Low FODMAP diet) and new research into the gut microbiome (bacterial population) and it’s effects on health and disease have made IBS more of an attractive area for research and medical management. If you are interested in getting involved, maybe you would be interested in running a support group in your area, The IBS Network can provide support if you do.


So watch this space and any ideas on what you would want to read are gratefully appreciated!