Dairy free, lactose free, egg free strawberry ice-cream.


349g silken tofu (firm)

100 ml rice milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

350 g strawberries

2 dessert spoons of golden caster sugar


Place tofu into a mixing bowl and add vanilla extract, golden caster sugar and rice milk.

Mix with a hand mixer – it will look grainy in texture – keep calm and carry on!!!

Wash and chop strawberries and add to mix, the using a hand blender blend in strawberries.

Using a hand blender blends mix to a smooth paste and adds some air to the mix.

Place the mix in an ice-cream maker or a plastic container, if using a plastic container place in freezer and freeze for 1 hour.

Take the container out of the freezer after 1 hour and blend again.

Place container back in the freezer till mix is frozen.

Can be made with sweetener if desired. This ice-cream is very solid if left overnight in the freezer – either eat it once lightly frozen or leave it out to defrost slightly before serving. Has the texture of a granita.

Serves 4 approximately 140 Kcal per serving, approximatley 3g of fat.