Rose popcorn Low Fodmap

A subtle hint of rose and vanilla in freshly warm popcorn – fills the kitchen with delicious smells. Please note due to updates for the Low FODMAP diet January 2013 popcorn should be consumed with caution as high levels of consumption will result in higher amounts of fodmaps. A portion should be a small cereal bowl full at any one sitting.


120g popping corn

1 tsp oil such as corn, rapeseed or

1 cap full of vanilla essence

1 teaspoon of rose flavoured syrup (check for fructose corn syrup)

½ teaspoon of food colouring if desired

2 tsps of powdered artificial sweetener (check for FODMAPs)


Mix vanilla essence, rose syrup and food colouring in a dish.

Put oil and popcorn into a pan with a lid and heat over a high heat on the hob.

When the corn starts to pop carefully add the vanilla mix by lifting the lid carefully and pouring it in quickly, shake well with the lid on. Continue to heat till all the corn has popped.

Lift the lid and sprinkle over the sweetener, replace the lid and shake well till all the corn is coated.