The first noel – carol singing with warm Low FODMAP sweet pies

It’s the first of December today – and so the countdown begins. I hope you have had a nice surprise this morning when opening your advent calendar for the first time. The evenings are dark early and it is a really frenetic time of year. I wonder how many of you will have carol singers arriving at the door in two or three weeks time? Have you ever wondered if any of your visitors have food intolerances when handing them a warm mince-pie after their efforts? Is offering mince-pies too old-fashioned do you think? Would they rather have money? That would be a little sad and not really in keeping with the spirit of the season. I have decided to rewrite the Christmas favourite – mince-pie, to provide a different alternative for those people who want to avoid a bout of symptoms after their festive singing. The recipe is based on rice flour – the pies are baked blind so the filling really is up to you, if you want to avoid nuts or other ingredients, you can base the filling on something else. The pastry is a great base for jam, lemon curd tarts or custard tarts you can add any other filling you can imagine!


1) pastry recipe

240g Rice Flour

50g Dairy free margarine

50g Light muscovado sugar

2 Eggs

1/2 Teaspoon of xantham gum

pinch of salt

2) Filling

60g Light muscovado sugar

20g Treacle

45g Golden syrup

1/2 Cap of vanilla essence

50g Dairy free margarine

1/4 Teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 Teaspoon of mixed spice

1 1/2 eggs (use the other half for brushing the pastry)

50g Pecan nuts

50g Banana chips


Add the rice flour, salt and xantham gum to a bowl and mix. Melt the margarine and sugar in a small pan and allow to cool a little. Add the eggs and sugar mix to the rice flour and knead thoroughly. Pastry without gluten needs working to give a good texture, if you need to add a little more egg then do. It really is different to cooking with standard pastry – you should not need to allow it to rest either. You can roll this out between cling film but I used a little rice flour and had no problem in rolling and cutting the pastry. Cut the pastry and add to a well greased pie baking sheet. Add baking beans to each tart case and cook for 10 minutes gas mark 5 or 190°C. Allow to cool, makes about 20-25 tarts depending on how thin you roll the pastry.

Melt the sugar, golden syrup, treacle, margarine, vanilla essence and spices in a pan under a low heat – allow to cool a little to ensure it doesn’t scramble the eggs. Add this mix to the eggs whilst beating. Save a pecan nut or banana chip as decoration for each tart and chop the rest separately. Split the sugar and egg mix into two – add chopped pecan to one and chopped banana chips to the other. Mix well then add a small amount to each tart and top with the decoration. Cook at the top of an oven at gas mark 5, 190°C for 15 minutes (do keep checking them to ensure they don’t burn.)

Be aware that these pies do contain fibre – so only eat a small amount! They are small pies just a morsel to tempt!

Updated 22.11.14

Ginger and Caramel Buns


100g Low fat dairy free margarine (soft)

100g  Soft brown sugar

150g Rice Flour

125g Caramel soya dessert (wheat, dairy, egg + gluten free)*

3 teaspoons baking powder (gluten free)

1 teaspoon of ground ginger (check wheat free)

Cane sugar granules.


Weigh out ingredients into a bowl.

Using an electric whisk, mix the ingredients till the batter is pale.

Spoon into cases (paper or silicone)

Sprinkle over cane sugar granules.

Cook in the oven for 20 minutes at gas mark 6/200°C or moderately hot.

Makes approximately 12 small buns.

(per 100g column 1, per bun column 2)

Energy Kcal                           289                            129

Fat    g                                      9.3                                 4.2

Carbohydrate g                    55.9                               25.0

Protein      g                              6.7                               3.0

Suitable for gluten free, dairy free, egg free, LOFFLEX diets

*For FODMAPs diet exchange soya pudding for one egg, if soya is not tolerated and gluten free flour mix can be used instead of rice flour.

*For LOFFLEX diet, remember – don’t eat too many!!! These are low fat but the number of buns you eat will increase the total fat you consume! 🙂

©Jules_GastroRD Jan 2012