Mistake! – off the ball with the Low FODMAP diet

Decided to go to a japanese fast food establishment today as I suspected that following a low FODMAP diet might be slightly easier here, but I was mistaken and should have been more aware of watching my veggies! I asked about wheat but thought that I could perhaps pick out any vegetables that were not appropriate for the diet, I forgot about spring onion being a staple item. The green parts are OK, but the meal came with all parts of spring onion, cut small, which was impossible to pick out making it quite an issue really. So failed here big style and I knew I had as soon as the dish was served and I could actually see the problem. I also noted after I had ordered that the list of vegetables were on a notice board behind the service area, perhaps I should have been more vigilant, but I had been out all day so I was really tired. I was annoyed with myself but I suppose we can put this down to a learning experience. I am also wondering why most of the noodles available in the UK are wheat based? Surely you would imagine that as rice is the main carbohydrate in the east that rice based noodles would be more available, despite thorough searches at supermarkets the majority of noodles are based on wheat. Perhaps this is because our main stable grain is wheat – does anyone else have any ideas as to the reason for the lack of rice based noodles? Rice based noodles can be purchased from Chinese supermarkets and health food shops if you need to have them.

Breakfast – Low FODMAP

I have enjoyed staying at Bankfield House and although it was a little noisy up till about midnight, I really have no complaints to make about the room or facilities. The breakfast was the usual affair of cooked English or continental and a good choice was available. To follow a Low FODMAP theme I chose porridge, a banana, 1 tomato, bacon, egg & hash browns. Again this would not be my normal choice but I did enjoy it – I haven’t realised how much wheat I actually include in my diet until you begin to have to make alternative choices. When on holiday we usually eat a large breakfast and then go on till the evening meal, it is true that to breakfast like a king really sets you up for the day. I was so full that I even saved my banana for later.

I decided to go to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate Britain, no reproduction of any of these paintings can every do them justice as it is the light and reflection needs to be

Mariana by Millais courtesy of http://www.wye.co.uk

seen to be really appreciated. This was an excellent exhibition, but I have seen some of the paintings before in Manchester Art Gallery Most where most major artists are represented, including the great Pre-Raphaelites, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt. We are lucky in Manchester to have these paintings available most of the time but some of them, one is ‘work’ by Ford Madox Brown, will have been loaned to the Tate for their exhibition. If you are in London and feel like visiting, I would recommend it!