Less than 24 hours to G Day!

I have been challenged to have another try at following a gluten-free diet by Coeliac UK Wessex, to see what changes have come about in the last 3 years, I am aware of the changes as I do have to advise people, but as I have blogged previously – nothing like ‘living it.’ This time to make the challenge a little more difficult I am going to the Allergy & Free From show on Friday and Saturday necessitating a hotel stay and no doubt two days of eating out and all the difficulties that may present.

So with less than 24 hours to go to G day (gluten-free day 1) I have been preparing – I have to say I am a little more comfortable in following the diet this time as I am very knowledgable about what the requirements are, much less daunting than my first foray in gluten-free living. I have made my bread (see attached picture) not a pleasant sight, but very tasty non the less ;-). I have a fridge full of naturally gluten-free salad and fruit and I have planned what I am going to eat. The one thing I am finding a little unsettling is the fact I am going to have to contact the hotel to request a gluten-free breakfast – this is a little fraudulent, I feel, as I don’t have coeliac disease, but it is necessary to immerse myself fully in the experience. I am going to have to open a new box of rice breakfast cereal (as the one we are currently using contains greater than 100 ppm of gluten – as barley malt) and a new jam pot (to avoid contamination) and prepare my meals for work, I am actually looking forward to the experience. My lunch has been made for ‘G day’ brown rice noodles, gluten-free sweet chilli sauce, prawns, cucumber and celery salad and I have planned to be able to have a yummy breakfast with rice cereal, gluten-free cherry yogurt and some dried fruit (containing iron and calcium.) Wish me luck – will blog again tomorrow 🙂

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