Thursday and London gluten free life

Less than 24 hours in London and feeling slightly claustrophobic – missing green spaces. I suppose I need to give you an update of where I am with the gluten-free challenge. Breakfast today was the same gluten-free rice cereal with milk + no yoghurt. I arrived in London arround lunchtime and had my lunch at Nando’s – this was OK, I checked that all that was cooked on the griddle was chicken and sweetcorn – so no contamination. The waitress didn’t understand what I meant by coeliac disease but she let me check their allergy book, which had all the dishes clearly labelled so it actually was fairly easy to see which dishes were OK as in ‘no gluten containing ingredients.’ My evening meal was at Carluccio’s and again the gluten-free menu was clearly labelled. If I had made a mistake I wouldn’t be aware of it though, not having coeliac disease – so as I am often told in clinic I have to go on trust that no contamination has occurred. My hotel is nice except for one small problem – I have a packet of ginger biscuits on my tea making tray, this is testing me and my resolve – it would have been a nice touch to have a packet of gluten-free ones. I await the joy of breakfast! Good night :-).

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