Oatmeal and ginger crusted salmon -low fodmap

I have not posted anything on my blog for some time but hopefully I will be on here more often from now. This may surprise you considering we have all been locked in for 3 months but I have been working from home and with a new job my focus has been on that really. Anyway glad to be back. This recipe is a great summer evening meal – light and tasty just right for those long hot days.


  • 60g gluten free flour
  • 60g oatmeal (this does not need to be gluten free unless you have coeliac disease.)
  • 11/2 teaspoons ginger
  • Pinch of salt
  • Handful of chopped coriander
  • 1 egg
  • 4 salmon fillets
  • Spray oil


  • Wash the salmon and remove the skin (you can ask the fishmonger to do this for you if you find it difficult)
  • Dust in flour.
  • Break the egg into a small dish and blend with a fork
  • Add the ginger to the oats, coriander and salt and place on a plate
  • Add the salmon to the egg wash coat and allow the excess to drain off.
  • Place the salmon fillets on the oats and coat well
  • Spray the top with spray oil
  • Cook in an oven at 204 degrees C/gas mark 6 for 15 minutes
  • Enjoy with a green salad and boiled salad potatoes

Potato and salmon rosti

This recipe uses the tandoori spice masala mix made in the last blog (see the bottom for a link.) This dish is low-fat, suitable for those who are looking to manage their weight whilst having tasty filling Low FODMAP food.


1 Large potato

1 egg

2 small salmon steaks

1 dessert spoon of low fodmap tandoori spice masala

Salt & pepper

For the green salad

Finely sliced celery – ensure less than a small stick per serving


finely chopped cucumber


Cook the salmon steaks and flake them.

Peel and grate the potato

Add the flaked salmon to the potato and bind together using 1 egg

Mix in the spice, salt & pepper.

Spray oil on a baking tray and cook the rosti in the oven

Serve with green salad. Makes 6


Spooky Spaghetti – Halloween recipes for your scaredy guts!

It’s getting close to Halloween now, what are your plans? The following is a recipe for halloween night – not to upset your digestion! Although I can’t guarantee a scare free evening!


2 Salmon fillets

1 tablespoon of soy sauce*

*gluten free


poaching water

150g Black rice noodles

Spray oil

2 carrots

2 tsps Garlic infused oil

1 Green Pepper

Radishes to garnish

Serves 2


Place salmon fillets in an oven proof dish and cover in water and soy sauce, poach till cooked through.

Boil a large pan of water and add the noodles to the pan and heat till softened.

Peel carrots lengthways to produce carrot strips, chop up the green pepper and peel the radishes (to look like eyeballs, scary!!!)

Add oil to a wok and add the salmon (flaked) chopped vegetables and a little more soy sauce, if desired. Add a little of the poaching liquid. Cook on a high heat till cooked through.

If you are following a gluten free diet ensure your soy sauce is a gluten free variety. Suitable for Low FODMAP, gluten free, lactose free, egg free, wheat free.